Coat of arms of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel

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The current coat of arms of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel is, besides the food , one of the approved double shield coats of arms in the Federal Republic of Germany.

City arms


Coat of arms Brandenburg an der Havel.png

The coat of arms , which has been used again since 1990, was created in 1715 after the unification of the old and new cities of Brandenburg an der Havel .

It consists of the two shields of the old town Brandenburg and Neustadt Brandenburg , each of which shows a castle and the crown towers above it, as a symbol of the union.

Heraldic right (top view left) is the coat of arms of the old town. Two coats of arms with the red Brandenburg eagle and the black Prussian eagle are attached to the towers .

Heraldic left (top view right) is the coat of arms of the Neustadt with a margravial knight who carries the Brandenburg eagle on his shield.

The colors chosen for the shingles of the towers represent the old town (green) and the new town (blue).

1950 to 1990

Coat of arms Brandenburg (Havel) alt.jpg

During the GDR era, the city gave itself a new coat of arms, on the one hand to point out the great importance of industry and, on the other hand, to make the symbols of the nobility and royal rule, for which the crown stands in the coat of arms of 1715, disappear. The new coat of arms should be entirely under the sign of the building of socialism.

It shows three of the city's four gate towers (from left to right: Rathenower Gate Tower, Steintorturm and Plauer Gate Tower), as a reference to the history of the city, over a blue-white-green band. The colors stand for the two former cities, as they do today, as well as for the Havel, which separates them but also connects them.

Behind the towers are four smoking chimneys, which are representative of the former steel and rolling mill, whose eleven chimneys shaped the cityscape very much until they were blown up in 1994 and were intended to indicate the importance of industry for the city.

City flag

Flag of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel.png

The city's flag consists of three diagonal stripes in blue, white, green with the city's coat of arms in the middle of the white. The colors stand for the Neustadt (blue), Havel (white) and Altstadt (green).

City logo and slogan

With the city's logo , local companies have the opportunity to express their attachment to the city. It serves as an identification mark for official and (for a fee) private users.

The logo consists of the word / picture mark :


Here, too, reference is made to the traditional colors of the city and the country, with the name part BRANDE in blue, the N inverted and the name part BURG in green. Above the lettering is a blue bar with a stylized spire above the "N" (also inverted).

The slogan is: "Brandenburg an der Havel - The city in the river". It was chosen to emphasize the reference to the Havel, which always played a major role in the history of the city, and the ever advancing ( flowing ) change. A side effect is that when "Brandenburg" is mentioned, the difference between the state and the city becomes clear.

District coat of arms

Plaue (Havel)

Coat of arms Plaue (Havel) .jpg

Plaue's coat of arms, used since 1637, represents a double-headed eagle and is a modification of older seals.

Individual evidence

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