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Maintenance unit in detail

The maintenance unit has as an assembly in pneumatic systems the task of energy sources, compressed air , recycle .

Correct compressed air preparation is a prerequisite for the functional reliability and service life of pneumatic elements and controls. The following functions are integrated in the maintenance unit:

  • Cleaning . By the compressor coming compressed air contains dirt and moisture through filters are deposited and special facilities.
    The air intended for the control lines and elements achieves a particularly high degree of purification through additional fine dust filters.
  • Pressure control . A pressure control valve ensures that the output pressure ( pressure in the compressed air network) remains constant, even if the input pressure or air consumption fluctuates.
  • Pressure indicator . A pressure measuring device shows the pressure in the network.
  • Lubrication . If the pneumatic elements have to be lubricated, an oiler ensures that there is an adequate supply of lubricant. However, this function is becoming less and less important, as advances in surface and material technology have made the elements increasingly work without lubrication. For applications that are critical in terms of hygiene, e.g. B. in food processing, this is mandatory anyway.