Wine cheese

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Knirps Weinkäse, a Bavarian red smear wine cheese

As Weinkäse different are soft and semi-hard cheese called. They are rubbed with wine during maturation , which can give them a typical taste and - if red wine is used - a dark to almost black colored rind. Wine cheese is particularly widespread in the Alpine region from Bavaria to Austria to South Tyrol .

The Bavarian wine cheese is a small soft cheese with red smear and a ripe, very distinctive smell and aroma that is similar to that of Romadur .

The Austrian wine cheese, which was formerly also known as "Styrian Hauerkäse", is also a soft cheese, but without red smear and therefore milder. It is traditionally rubbed with Zweigeltgeläger (wine yeast). This gives it its typical, almost black rind with a delicate touch of milk mold. Similar cheeses are also made in South Tyrol.

There is also semi-hard cheese of the same name, the rind of which is also treated with wine during maturation.