West Franconia

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Westfranken stands for:

  • Salfranken , western branch of the Germanic tribe of the Franks
  • Western half of the Merovingian Empire of the Franks, which was divided between 511–613 and 639–737, see Neustria
  • Western half of the Carolingian Empire of the Franks, which was finally divided in the 9th century, the former West Franconian Empire, from which today's France emerged, see West Franconia
  • Located on the Rhine, the western half of the East Franconian (German) Duchy of Franconia, which was dissolved in the 10th and 11th centuries, also called Rhine Franconia , see East Franconia and West Franconia
  • the speakers of the Franconian language and Franconian dialects or the western branch of them, see Rheinfränkisch from Karlsruhe to Kassel