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Наука в СССР

description soviet scientific journal
publishing company Nauka (USSR)
attitude 1992
ISSN (print)

Science in the USSR ( Russian Наука в СССР Nauka w SSSR , English Science in the USSR ) was an illustrated journal for scientific journalism and information, published by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR .

It appeared six times a year in German, Russian, English and Spanish and was printed by the science publisher Nauka ; Name of the English edition: Science in USSR .

It was also available at newspaper kiosks in the GDR .

Before the magazine was discontinued in Germany in 1991 and in Russia in 1992, the editor-in-chief was academician G. Scriabin.

The magazine's successor was Nauka w Rossii (Wissenschaft in Russland / Science in Russia), subtitled “Illjustrirowanny nautschno-publizistitscheski i informazionny schurnal”, ISSN  0869-706X .

Example: Contents of Issue No. 6 from 1983

  • History of the sciences in scholarly biographies:
  • Discoveries by Soviet Scientists: Finding One Atom in Billions
  • Awards:
    • The Melnikov Medal
    • State Prize of the USSR 1982: Where and why are you sick more often.
    • The Plekhanov Prize
    • The Belinki Prize
  • Science on the rise
    • Metals and cancer
    • Expedition PIKAR
  • 20th century technology
    • A light carrier ship with nuclear power propulsion for the Arctic
  • Our home is the earth
    • A geodynamic model of the Caucasus
    • The calling card of the earth's interior
  • Agricultural Science: Problem of the 1980s
    • Gentle agriculture
  • Science and society
    • The science of a risen people
    • "Sow the seeds of the spirit in all of space"
  • News from the research laboratory
    • A new rendezvous with Halley's Comet
  • Laugh break
  • Scholar hobbies
  • Leafed through specialist journals: hydrocarbons in synclines, which are in front of mountain ranges. For the first time in the practice of fish farming. Can birds talk too? Needles for ulcers.
  • Reviews
    • J. Mischustin: A nitrogen store
    • W. Dolnik: Artificial and Human Intellect
  • Table of contents of the magazine for 1983

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