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A woilach is a wool blanket that is folded and used as a saddlecloth .

According to, the word comes from the Turkish oilyk (blanket), from which the Russian войлок ( wojlok ) for felt, formerly for saddlecloth, originated.


It serves as padding between the horse and saddle . Woilache are no longer seen often, as they have largely been replaced by saddlecloths or saddlecloths , which are easier to use.

For trail riders , this form of saddle cushioning but should remain as the Woilach offers a very good cushion, by another wrinkle every day to clean section of the ceiling to the horse comes, possible friction on horseback the ceiling is shifted away from the positions and moving to can easily be used as a sweat rug when riding .

In the cavalry , woilaches were used as saddlecloths. The classic Woilach was made using a special weaving technique that was supposed to prevent it from slipping. Corresponding models do not seem to be available on the market at the moment ; instead, normal army blankets are mostly used.


A Woilach is cut once in half and once into thirds, so that there are a total of six superimposed, equally sized areas of the ceiling. When folding and saddling, care must be taken to ensure that there are no creases, as otherwise pressure points can arise on the horse. It is important to ensure that the "closed" side, i.e. H. without edges, comes to lie forward.

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