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On-line 2003 (currently active)

XDA Developers (often just XDA or xda-developers ) is a developer community for mobile software development with over 6.8 million members and over 60 million contributions, started in 2003. The main contributions revolve around the mobile operating system Android , find it but also topics related to other operating systems and programming languages.


In 2003, XDA Developers was founded by NAH6 Crypto Products BV from the Netherlands. On January 10, 2010, XDA Developers was bought by JB Online Media, LLC of the United States. The name XDA Developers is derived from the O 2 XDA , which was marketed from June 2002 as a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with "extra" functions.


In addition to the XDA news portal, the forum offers developers the opportunity to exchange ideas and help with programming-specific questions about Android , Windows Phone , WebOS , Ubuntu Touch , Firefox OS and Tizen . There is information on devices, operating system versions, technical support, questionnaires and reviews of apps, devices and other accessories. There are sub-areas for most device models from manufacturers such as Sony , HTC , Samsung , LG , Motorola and many more.

A main point of contact for the forum are software and hardware hacks, such as custom ROMs for many devices, as well as options for unlocking the device and thus obtaining root rights on the device.

Custom ROM controversy

In February 2009, Microsoft launched a request to remove all ROMs made by OEMs . In response to this request, a petition was launched and signed by over 10,000 members of XDA Developers . The request was then withdrawn by Microsoft.


The XDA forum is now based on a modified version of vBulletin , while the original forum was powered by phpBB .

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