Yellow Pages Endeavor

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Yellow Pages Endeavor p1
Ship data
flag AustraliaAustralia (trade flag) Australia
Ship type Sailing yacht
Rigging and rigging
under sail
Max. 46.52 kn (86 km / h)

The Yellow Pages Endeavor is a sailing ship specially designed for record runs.

The only goal of this very unconventional construction was to break the world speed record for wind-powered watercraft (held by a windsurfer at the time ).

In October 1993 the Australian Simon McKeon succeeded in attempting the world record at 46.52 knots (86.2 km / h) over 500 meters at Sandy Point / Victoria.

Since October 14, 2004 this record was again in the hands of windsurfers ( Finian Maynard 46.82 kn and 48.70 kn, Antoine Albeau 49.09 kn), until 2008 the record for kite surfers , the sailboat Hydroptère and Vestas Sailrocket 2 went.

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