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In types of ships or ship types different to types of ships divided the same in their function or characteristics. They are subdivided, among other things, according to their construction, the arrangement of the superstructures, the purpose or the travel area. Further subdivisions take place according to the dimensions, the ship propulsion or the shape.

Historically, two different things overlap under the term ship type. In the past, a ship type was usually understood to mean a specific design by a shipyard. The naming of these shipyard series, which are mostly manufactured in series according to the same design, is still used in this way by most shipyards today. Several ships of a series form a ship class with the shipping companies or navies in which they are used .

Around the second half of the 20th century, the designation of the terms ship type or ship type for ships that are classified in a group due to their same function also shifted to the designation ship type, which today often makes it more difficult to go straight to the point recognize what is meant in each individual case.


The size are first ships of boats distinguished additionally distinguishes the area of operation between inland and ocean-going vessels .

Different types of ships are characterized by different construction methods such as full hulls , clad frames , molded, laminated or large-panel construction or construction materials such as wood , steel or plastic (mostly glass fiber reinforced ).

The intended use ensures a subdivision into cargo , passenger , war , sport and work ships .

Further distinctions are made by the type of propulsion: oars , various rigging systems for sailing ships , steam engines , steam or gas turbines , diesel or nuclear energy propulsion are possible .

Military ship types

Several types of warship including various carriers, frigates and cruisers

Marines have warships and auxiliary ships of various types that are suitable for special military tasks.

In the course of military history, against the background of contemporary technology and the nature of warfare, various types of ships developed, which over time lost their purpose and were no longer up-to-date, which is why they were replaced by newer types.

The first types of warship in ancient times were the longship and later the galley .

In the course of time, new propulsion methods and weapon systems were developed, which gave rise to new types of ships.

Some type designations such as frigate or corvette denoted different types of ships at different times.

Modern warships can be roughly divided into boats , submarines , landing ships , corvettes , frigates , destroyers , cruisers and aircraft carriers - roughly according to their water displacement . Many of these types have several sub-types that specify their respective uses.

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