Yin Zhou jinwen jicheng

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Yin Zhou jinwen jicheng ( Chinese  殷 周金文 集成  - "Collection of bronze inscriptions from the time of the Shang and Zhou dynasties"; Abbr. Jicheng 集成 or JC for short) is a collection of Chinese bronze inscriptions from the time of the Yin (= Shang) and Zhou Dynasty . It was published by the Archaeological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1984-94 and has appeared in twenty volumes.

The work contains 12,113 images of rubbings classified according to vessel type and length of the inscription. The inscription on the vessel Guo Ji Zi Bai pan, for example, bears the number 10173.

In addition to the Jinchu Yin Zhou jinwen jilu 近 出 殷周 金 文集 录 collection (6 vols., Beijing: Zhonghua, 2002), it is currently one of the largest and most important collections of bronze inscriptions.

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