Journal for Holistic Research

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Journal for Holistic Research
Cover of the ZfG III / 2005
description Austrian scientific journal
First edition 1959
attitude 2006
founder Walter Heinrich
Frequency of publication quarterly
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The journal for holistic research (ZfG), subtitle: " Philosophy - Society - Economy , with literature", was a quarterly Austrian scientific journal that appeared from 1959 to 2006. The ZfG was published on behalf of the Vienna Society for Holistic Research by the local economist J. Hanns Pichler . The previous publication was the newsletter of the Society for Holistic Research (1957/58).


Since it was founded by Walter Heinrich, the ZfG has been particularly committed to the universalistic thinking of Othmar Spann . In addition, it cultivates the legacy of Leopold Ziegler's integral philosophy . Both approaches aim at a perception of the unity of reality , which stretches from philosophical and theological trains of thought to mathematical and scientific to economic theories. The weight of the ZfG lay on the transdisciplinary overview of all areas of knowledge and life .

In 1990 the review magazine “Literaturspiegel” became part of the ZfG. In 2006 the journal for holistic research was discontinued. A supplementary volume was published in 2007 and 2008.

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