Zilog Z80000

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The Zilog Z80000 , released in 1986, was an advanced microprocessor for its time .

It is a 32-bit architecture with a six-stage pipeline and a cache of 256 bytes that could be frozen by the software. There was co- and multiprocessor support.

In contrast to its predecessor, the Zilog Z8000 , the processor clocked at 4 to 20 MHz could not establish itself on the market.

Applications / developments: The Z80000 was used by Zilog itself in their Zilog System 8000 computer system . The machine was distributed with a UNIX clone and was an absolute rarity in 2010.

The Olivetti company manufactured several pilot series devices based on the Z80000 after its devices with the Z8000 as a 16-bit mid-range personal computer had sold quite well. The work was stopped in 1989.

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