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Zuflurstück is a term from German property law within property law and describes a sub-area that has no separate entry in the land register . This is only possible if the area was separated from a parcel - in technical language: by a parcel decomposition - in order to be assigned to another parcel (parcel merging).

The area of ​​refuge is addressed in Section 2 (3) of the Land Register - in the commentary literature it is defined as an area "which is immediately merged with others when a survey is carried out and is therefore only of temporary importance". Due to its temporary nature, it does not have its own land register number, but is designated with the number of the parcel to which it is assigned, in the form of an "accrual number". In the subsequent attribution, the additional land is deemed to be a plot of land within the meaning of Section 890 of the German Civil Code (BGB) ; the merger is carried out in accordance with Section 6 GBO.

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