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Cadastral plan of Bukowsko , Galicia (1906): plan of the settlement with the parceling out (parcels)

A parcel is in Germany officially measured and locally usually abgemarkter part of the earth's surface . In Austria as a plot or plot (from latin particula , particles') referred to, it is in field maps , property cards , as well as in cadastral books detected and plans. The real estate cadastre shows each parcel with its own parcel number (in Austria property number ). In Burgenland , such areas are also known as hotter .

Originally, parcel only meant the " piece of land named with a field name ". Today, it is the common expression for each in Germany surveyed geometric piece of land, which as a matter of law object usually a plot corresponds to (but it can also buy several parcels to a property belong).

In Austria and Switzerland, the official name is parcel . In Germany this word (or cadastral parcel ) is only rarely used and not at all in official parlance.


In Germany, parcel is the official name for the smallest booking unit in the real estate cadastre . The term is defined in the surveying laws of the federal states, e.g. B. Section 3 (2) sentence 2 of the State Law on Official Land Surveying (LGVerm) of Rhineland-Palatinate :

"Parcels are clearly delimited parts of the earth's surface, which are geometrically defined and designated by the official surveying system."

A parcel can be subdivided into sections of different types of use in the cadastre , but these no longer represent a separate booking unit.

The information in the land register and the cadastre are related to each other via the parcel details in the inventory of the land register or the inventory number in the real estate cadastre. A property consists of one or more parcels, whereby property boundaries (property boundaries) are always also parcel boundaries .

A parcel is identified within the respective numbering district, i.e. the corridor or the suburb , by a parcel number that consists of a number, a combination of number and letter (e.g. 234 a) or a combination of two numbers (e.g. 234 / 34 - spoken: 234 dash 34 or, if the second number denotes an earlier parcel from which the current one emerged, 234 from 34), identified.

In agriculture and forestry, management often takes place in fields or field blocks that can consist of several parcels and are often pacified by natural boundaries. A field is also referred to as a contiguous area of ​​a farmer that is cultivated with a crop.


The word parcel is not used in Austria . Instead, land or parcel is used.

A piece of land (parcel) is part of a cadastral community ; it has an independent property number in the land register . A parcel has a type of use such as building land , forest, meadow, etc. A property (parcel) is the smallest independent land register unit. Several plots of land can be combined to form a land register, which can also include plots of multiple types of use. A plot of land has a cadastral number in Arabic digits, which can be followed by further digits after the division of land after a slash: For example, plot 123/14 is usually a plot of land that was created from a division of plot 123. Plots on which buildings have been erected and which have not been changed since the Franziszeische cadastre was created can have a point in front of the plot number, for example “ . 123 ". Area information about land in the land register is not always reliable because it can be based on information from times as far back as the first half of the 19th century (adoption of old cadastral data ). The word parceling refers to the Austrian legal situation: This describes the division of a larger property into individual parcels. This makes it possible to transfer the individual parcels to different owners.

Land register body (land register deposit) is the basic legal unit of the land register. The land register deposit of a property is designated with a deposit number (EZ) and comprises one or more pieces of land. The Land Registry body comprises in addition to the official information on the land and the "rem" related (generally effective) rights and stresses such as ownership , easements (servitudes) , encumbrances , mortgage legal claims in rem disposals and prohibitions on charges ( repurchase rights , pre-emptive rights , stock rights , etc. , building law entries according to BauRG 1912) as well as an exhaustive list of the property components (property directory) . A land register body can only have a uniform ownership structure (sole ownership, joint ownership, etc.). If part of a land register body is to be given a different owner, this part must be separated from this land register body (written off) and a new land register body created if this part cannot be connected (assigned) to another land register body with the same ownership structure.

In Vorarlberg the term parcel is also used instead of the Rotte .


As a rule, the parcel corresponds to a piece of land. Until 1989 the right of ownership played a subordinate role, so that there was no clear assignment of ownership. A property is entered in the land register and can consist of one or more parcels.

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