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Corridor in the Grafenstein municipality

The corridor , also open land under building law , is in its old meaning a synonym for the landscape , today especially the open area itself, in contrast to the forest ( open corridor , hence the expression "in forest and corridor"), and includes agricultural used land and various forms of wasteland . We also speak of grassland or green space , but this does not mean the field in general, but general (existing) arable land and special meadow or lawn , also in built-up areas.


land map of the Bavarian land survey with land boundaries (block and long strip corridor)

Originally the name referred to the entire unpopulated landscape. The term field name or field name for the proper name of a small-scale part of the landscape is derived from this etymologically older usage (e.g. names of individual meadows and fields, names of small terrain formations such as hills and valleys, and the vegetation, such as forests), or the term field damage . In this sense it is still in use in surveying and has been preserved in the legal concept of the Freilandstraße .

Later, however, the corridor narrowed down to the concept of open land , that is, open terrain that was not built on and not in forest - as in the ancient term "in forest and corridor" in natural history (here corridor as open land in contrast to the forest). The word meaning always remained close to the concept of cultural landscape . Here the hallway by showing forests and Raine , roads and waterways , and the building forms and wasteland (wasteland) divided.

Where the farmer free peasant was, but at least since the end of feudalism and landlordism , the designation then went on to agricultural land , agricultural land of a settlement and trade association - the parcel - itself: there referred hall (piece Terminals) the parceled agricultural land . Depending on the shape of the plot cultivated areas which are hall forms distinguished: the names of the result from the combination of the Bewirtschaftsform and parcel shapes corridor types such as block corridor , strip-floor , strips Won corridor , long strips Won corridor (for very long strips), etc.

Commons or Common brands are in shared or cooperative ownership. In relation to the latter, they are also not counted towards the corridors. The same applies to the open land of the Alpine region, the alpine pastures .

Corridors were subdivisions ("subdivision") of the tax communities , which were delimited in terms of area.

Customs relating to hallways and parcels

Corridor is the name of a now more ritual inspection of a parcel that was transformed by the church in the Middle Ages into a corridor procession for the flourishing of the fields. It served legally for mutual neighborly confirmation of field and community boundaries (see also Grenzgang ). Waymarks and property boundaries were imprinted through poems, verses.

The palm tree , placed in the middle of the parcel, also marks a blessing in Catholic in spring, as well as ownership and the intentions of how the parcel will be built in the coming season.

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