Strip corridor

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Striped corridor near Hinterfirmiansreut in the Bavarian Forest

A certain shape of the corridor is called a strip corridor . The plot has an aspect ratio of over 1: 2.5. But ratios of 1:50 or even greater are not uncommon. The individual strips can be several kilometers long.

A distinction is made between:

  • Long strip corridor (length> approx. 250 meters)
  • Short strip corridor (length <approx. 250 meters)
  • Narrow strip corridor (width between approx. 6 meters and approx. 40 meters)
  • Wide strip corridor, e.g. B. Hoof floor (width> 60 meters)

Striped corridors in their appearance are typical consequences of the right to erect and the real estate division and are therefore rarely encountered nowadays due to the land consolidation that is usually carried out . The hallway shape can be described as historical and is a typical hallway shape of the High Middle Ages . The Long Rhön with Unterweißbrunn striped corridor is considered to be an excellently preserved and nationwide significant example of a high medieval striped corridor.

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