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Lawn describes an anthropogenic vegetation cover made of grass , which is connected to the vegetation layer by roots and runners , lies in the settlement area of ​​the people and is not used for agriculture. Lawn is found in gardens , parks or sports facilities , for example in stadiums or on golf courses (“ golf turf”) and tennis courts (“tennis turf”). It is usually cut short.


A characteristic of the lawn is the regular mowing of the growing grass to a height of one to ten centimeters, but in some cases it is only four to five millimeters during the growing season (putting green on golf courses). Grass areas that are seldom mowed and whose vegetation therefore grows taller are called meadows .


The growth of lawns in fast motion

Since there are no legal standards, any seed manufacturer can sell lawn seeds under any name; Therefore, low-priced mixtures often contain forage grass, which is replaced by wild herbs such as dandelions in the following year. The only quality standard for lawn seed is the regular seed mix (RSM) developed for tenders and public building projects ( DIN 18917 and DIN 18035, Part 4, Sports fields - lawns). These mixtures are broken down according to the uses of the lawns. Typical types of lawn grass are German ryegrass ( Lolium perenne ), bluegrass ( Poa ), fescue ( Festuca ) and ostrich grass ( Agrostis ).

The most frequently used type of lawn is the grass for use , often in the special form of sports and play lawns, which are robust but must be mowed weekly. A shear lawn or ornamental lawn , such as the so-called English lawn, cannot be stressed in the first two years after sowing, but is particularly hard-wearing afterwards. He needs a mowing interval of five to seven days and a high use of fertilizer. Shade lawns can cope with little sunlight and do not tolerate direct sunlight.

Regular seed mix (RSM)

In the absence of a statutory regulation, the consumer can use the following standard seed mixtures as a guide :

   RSM 1.1 Zierrasen
   RSM 2.1 Gebrauchsrasen Standard
   RSM 2.2 Gebrauchsrasen Trockenlage
   RSM 2.3 Gebrauchsrasen Spielrasen
   RSM 2.4 Gebrauchsrasen Kräuterrasen
   RSM 3.1 Sportrasen Neuanlage
   RSM 3.2 Sportrasen Regeneration
   RSM 4.1 Golfrasen Grün
   RSM 4.2 Golfrasen Vorgrün
   RSM 4.3 Golfrasen Abschlag
   RSM 4.4 Golfrasen Spielbahnen
   RSM 4.5 Golfrasen Halbrauhflächen
   RSM 4.6 Golfrasen Verbindungswege
   RSM 5.1 Parkplatzrasen
   RSM 6.1 Extensive Dachbegrünung
   RSM 7.1.1 Landschaftsrasen Standard ohne Kräuter
   RSM 7.1.2 Landschaftsrasen Standard mit Kräutern
   RSM 7.2.1 Landschaftsrasen Trockenlagen ohne Kräuter
   RSM 7.2.2 Landschaftsrasen Trockenlagen mit Kräutern
   RSM 7.3.1 Landschaftsrasen Feuchtlagen ohne Kräuter
   RSM 7.4.1 Landschaftsrasen Halbschatten ohne Kräuter

Lawn care

The lawn edge of a front yard

Lawn care requires different activities. First of all, mowing should be mentioned here, see also lawn mower . Depending on the tool that is used for mowing, the clippings must be removed using a rake . Furthermore, fertilization , scarifying , aerating and top dressing play an important role in lawn care. For an even lawn requires the reseeding . Lawn care also includes sprinkling (artificial irrigation ), fighting moss or clover, killing weeds and sanding. If the lawn shows yellowish discolouration, this is an indicator of a lack of necessary soil nutrients. Especially when the pH of the soil falls below or exceeds the usual limits, it may be necessary to lime the lawn. If the lawn care is not carried out regularly, a uniform lawn cannot be created.

Ecological importance

The ecological importance of the lawns that dominate German gardens (in the form of English lawns) is extremely low. In a trimmed lawn, there are no more than a dozen grasses per square meter. These do not provide a habitat for the vast majority of insects and animals. One square meter of a flowery meadow, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 3,000 individual plants with 60 plant species, which form a valuable habitat for numerous insects (including endangered butterfly species).

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