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Green space as a park-like open space

In common parlance, a green area is used to describe an open area planted with lawn, park-like or horticultural , both in public and private areas.

In German building and planning law ( urban and regional planning ), the term "green space" includes not only parks, but also permanent allotments, tent sites, bathing areas or outdoor swimming pools, sports fields, playgrounds or cemeteries that are built over to a large extent with buildings, paths and parking spaces can. The areas are primarily used for recreation , games and sports and can be part of the design of the street space .

Green areas help improve the microclimate (evaporation, cooling, air purification). Through the establishment of green areas also is the bottom seal counteracted and a percolation of surface water possible. In addition, they make a contribution to species diversity ( biodiversity ). In order to maintain the effectiveness and functionality of green spaces in the long term, regular green maintenance and tree cutting work are necessary.

Green area cadastre

A so-called green area cadastre can manage the stock of the usually communal green areas such as parks , green spaces and sometimes also playgrounds . It is then usually linked to a municipal geographic information system.

Green space information system

Green space information systems are the basis for the planning, development and maintenance of green and open spaces. The range of services extends from classic applications such as green space or tree cadastre to special issues such as playground equipment and cemetery management.

Number of green spaces

The green area number (GÜZ) is sometimes used in connection with development plans . For example, if a green area number of 0.4 is required, at least 40% of the building site must be designed as green area.

Public green space in the form of a flower meadow

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