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An additional sign (Germany) or an additional sign ( Austria, Switzerland) specifies the meaning of a traffic sign (Germany) or a signal (Switzerland) with which it is usually set up together.


The traffic sign "general danger point" is given concrete form by the additional signs. Here: Warning of a restricted clearance profile for the next 3 km.
In addition: speed limit to 10 km / h from the sign, the arrangement of which is automatically canceled after 3 km after leaving the danger zone

In Germany, additional signs refer to the actual traffic sign directly above the additional sign .
Exceptions are the additional signs 1000-32 Supplementary sign 1000-32 - cyclists cross from right and left, StVO 1997.svgand 1048-19 Supplementary sign 1048-19 - only trams (600x330), StVO 1992.svg, which must be affixed
above the traffic sign in connection with the regulation signs 205 Sign 205 - give way!  StVO 1970.svg(give way) and 206 Sign 206 - Stop!  Give way!  StVO 1970.svg(stop, give way) . The additional sign 1022-10 can also be set up for the clearance of left-hand cycle paths without an actual traffic sign.
Additional sign 1022-10 - cyclists free, StVO 1992.svg

Additional signs are summarized in 4 main groups according to the catalog of traffic signs (VzKat), part: 8:

  • Group of general additional characters
  • Group of "free" additional characters
  • Group of additional restrictive characters
  • Group of special additional characters

Comprehensive compilations

Commons : International and German-language additional symbols  - collection of images, videos and audio files


  1. The original wording contains the phrase “as a rule”, but a ruling by the BVerwG in 2003 makes it clear that this rule always applies.
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