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The so-called Zweisteirer is a southeast Bavarian home dance , which originally comes from the Austrian .

Two of Styria, is one of the Landler incurred cotillion , each representing in which a boy (boy) and a girl (girlfriend ') together canvassed and playing around love. The Zweisteirer begins with dance figures in which the partners do not look at each other and have almost no physical contact. It climaxes with the kiss that boys and girls give each other towards the end of the approximately five-minute dance. In total, the Zweisteirer has at least 15 different figures, which differ from village to village in the southeastern Bavarian region. With this traditional dance, however, there is always the kiss and the lifting. When lifting, the boy has to lift the girl high over his own shoulders and then turn in circles.

The two Styrian emerged after 1900 as a kind of Promotional activity or courting dance and today especially at home evenings and at Almtänzen very popular. This extremely difficult dance is particularly popular with young people and tourists because it usually represents the highlight of a traditional evening with Schuhplattler and singing.

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