127/54 Compact

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127 mm / 54 compact
caliber 127 mm (5 inch)
Weight 37,500 kg (without ammunition)
magazine 66 (ready-to-use ammunition)
Bullet weight 888 mm shell (sub-caliber): 15.44 kg
665 mm shell: 31.75 kg
Elevation range Minimum −15 °
maximum + 83 °
Range up to 30,000 m
Side straightening area 165 ° to each side (330 ° total)
Turning speed 40 ° / s
Rate of increase 30 ° / s
cooling Lake water
Rate of fire 40 rounds / min
power supply 440 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz (275 kVA - 20% max.peak load for 0.4 s)

The 127/54 Compact is a fully automatic marine gun from the Italian company Oto Melara for use on warships . It has a 127 mm (5 inch) caliber gun barrel with a 54 caliber length .


The 127/54 Compact was developed in the 1960s and set up specifically for use on destroyers . It fires the 127 mm naval weapons projectiles standardized in NATO. In the 1990s, Oto Melara began developing a lighter and more powerful version, the 127/64 Lightweight , for use on smaller warships. This version with a caliber length of 64 and lower weight is intended to enable greater ranges with a lower tower weight.

Compared to its direct competitor, the Mark 45 lightweight gun from BAE Systems , the gun has a higher turn and cant speed as well as a higher range and cadence .

The system can be used both against surface targets, i.e. against ships and coastal targets, as well as against aircraft. The rate of fire is 40 rounds per minute and the range is 18 kilometers. 66 rounds can be stored in the magazines in the weapon.

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