5th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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5th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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Members of the 5th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
active June 24, 1861 to July 27, 1864
Country United States of America
Armed forces union
Branch of service infantry
Strength 1440

The 5th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment was an infantry - regiment of the United States Army during the American Civil War .

period of service

The 5th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment was established on June 24, 1861 as one of the first Maine volunteer regiments. At the beginning 1046 men were recruited, around 400 more were to follow later. Three companies came from Portland, which is why the regiment was called the Forest City Regiment, as Portland was called that at the time. The men came from all classes and professions. Some had college education, while others made a living as farmers or fishermen.

In July of the same year the regiment was transferred to Washington by train. Upon arrival, the unit was placed under the 6th Corps of the Army of the Potomac and took part in a total of 22 skirmishes. At the Battle of Rappahannock Station, 5th Maine took 1,200 prisoners and captured four Confederate flags. Throughout the war it took more prisoners than it had soldiers.

At the Battle of Gettysburg , the regiment with its remaining 340 soldiers only provided the reserve and therefore suffered no losses.

On July 27, 1864, only 193 men were retired. The remaining soldiers had fallen, died of illness, were injured, deserted or formed the 1st Maine Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment with the veterans of the 6th Maine Infantry Regiment and the 7th Maine Infantry Regiment.

Participated in combat during the American Civil War


The records differ about the exact number of those killed. Of the total of 1,440 men who served in the unit, 107 soldiers died in combat, while another 77 died as a result of illness. Another source speaks of a total of 137 deaths.

Individual evidence

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