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legal form GmbH
founding 2000
Seat Berlin , GermanyGermanyGermany 
management Oliver Winter
sales 152 million euros
Branch Hotel industry
Website www.aohostels.com
Status: 2018

AO Dortmund Facade2.jpg
A&O Dortmund Central Station
Ao frankfurt galluswarte 10MB 33.jpg
A&O Frankfurt-Galluswarte
A&O frankfurt galluswarte 10MB 32.jpg
A&O Frankfurt-Galluswarte (S-Bahn station)
AO Hamburg HBF facade.jpg
A &O Hamburg Central Station
A&O Dresden HBF facade-4.jpg
A&O Dresden

The A & O Hotels and Hostels Holding GmbH is a German budget - Hotel - and hostel chain based in Berlin .

The combination of hotel and hostel under one roof was established in 2004. Cheap accommodation for backpackers , youth groups and families are offered , usually in the middle of the city center near the respective main train station in a central location. Since 2008, companies and business travelers have also been increasingly addressed.

A&O currently has 34 hotels and hostels with 7,229 rooms and over 25,000 beds, most of them in Germany, as well as four in Austria (two in Vienna, one in Salzburg and one in Graz), two in the Czech Republic (Prague), Italy ( Venice) and Denmark (Copenhagen) as well as one each in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Hungary (Budapest) and Poland (Warsaw). In the 2018 financial year, an average occupancy of 66% was achieved with 5 million overnight stays. The turnover was 152 million euros .


The A&O company was founded in 2000 by Oliver Winter and Michael Kluge, and in the same year the first A&O hostel opened in Berlin-Friedrichshain with 164 beds. The idea behind the establishment was the lack of cheap inner-city accommodation for young tourists.

Due to its continued success, the company opened a further store in Berlin in 2002 and 2004. In 2005 the company opened the Hostel Prague Holesovice for the first time outside of Berlin. In the same year they also opened in Munich and Hamburg. From then on, the company expanded steadily and opened two to three locations per year. The focus was on the big German cities, from 2008 onwards the company was also represented in Vienna.

Over the years, existing locations have been successively upgraded to DEHOGA 2-star standard and family rooms have been offered in the hotel sector from 2008.

In 2015, the company began to focus more on the market outside of Germany. This year it opened for the first time in Amsterdam and in 2016 a second store opened in Prague. With the stores in Copenhagen and Venice, the Danish and Italian markets were opened up for the first time in 2017.

The US subsidiary TPG Real Estate has been the majority shareholder of A&O since January 1, 2017 .

Expansion plans

With the takeover by TPG, the company intensified its course of expansion with the aim of having a strong presence throughout Europe and expanding its market leadership. In a published list of planned new locations, there are 25 cities across Europe that are planned to be reached in the next few years. These are major cities in England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as in the previous core market of Germany and Austria.

List of hotels and hostels

List of A&O Hotels and Hostels - as of June 2018

Name of the hotel and hostel country opening
Berlin-Friedrichshain Germany 2000
Berlin Zoo Germany 2002–2012
Berlin center Germany 2004
Prague Holešovice (franchise) Czech Republic 2005–2012
Munich central station Germany 2005
Hamburg Hammer Church Germany 2005
Munich Hackerbrücke Germany 2006
Hamburg Central Station Germany 2007
Dresden Central Station Germany 2007
Leipzig Central Station Germany 2008
Vienna City Hall Austria 2008
Hamburg Reeperbahn Germany 2009
Düsseldorf Central Station Germany 2009
Cologne Neumarkt Germany 2009
Berlin main station Germany 2010
Cologne Cathedral Germany 2011
Nuremberg main station Germany 2011
Dortmund Central Station Germany 2011
Hamburg City Germany 2012
Prague Metro Strizkov Czech Republic 2012
Karlsruhe main station Germany 2012-2018
Graz Central Station Austria 2013
Vienna Central Station Austria 2013
Frankfurt Galluswarte (trade fair) Germany 2013
Aachen Central Station Germany 2014
Weimar Germany 2014
Munich Laim Germany 2014
Amsterdam Zuidoost Netherlands 2015
Stuttgart City Germany 2015
Berlin Columbus Germany 2015
Cologne Central Station Germany 2016
Prague Rhea Czech Republic 2016
Salzburg main station Austria 2016
Copenhagen Nørrebro Denmark 2017
Venice Mestre Italy 2017
Bremen Central Station Germany 2017
Frankfurt Ostend Germany 2018
Venice Mestre 2 Italy 2019
Warsaw Wola Poland 2019
Budapest City Hungary 2020
Copenhagen Sydhavn Denmark 2020

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