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The A formation

The A-formation is an offense formation in American football . It is characterized by an asymmetrical offensive line and was used by the New York Giants under Steve Owen , who also invented it.


The formation of the A formation consists of two offensive linemen to the left of the center and four to the right of him. The wingback is placed behind the left end . The blocking back is on the Weakside behind the left tackle. The fullback is set up four yards behind the center. The quarterback was set up a yard ahead and moved to the right.


The name came about because Owens intended to invent several formations with an asymmetrical offensive line and wanted to name them alphabetically, i.e. A-Formation, B-Formation, C-Formation etc. In the end, however, only the A-Formation prevailed.


Owens won with this formation in 1938, 1939, 1941, 1944 and 1946 with this formation, their division and in 1938 also the NFL championship. After 1948, Owens dropped the A formation and replaced it with the T formation .

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