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With Abandon ( fr. ) Is called the waiver of a right to an associated duty to escape.

Examples are:

  • In abandonment law : the surrender of a GmbH share against the exemption from the obligation to make additional contributions
  • In insurance: The transfer of ownership of a wrecked or lost ship against payment of the full sum insured is also considered an abandonment
  • in transport insurance law: payment of the agreed sum insured by the transport insurer to the policyholder in the event of transport damage. This frees the insurer from all other possible liabilities from the insured event. However, this right expires if the insurer does not notify the policyholder of its intention to abandon it within 1 week of becoming aware of the insured event and its immediate consequences. However, all claims that have arisen up to the time this notification is received by the policyholder must also be borne by the insurer. [Section 141 of the German Insurance Contract Act -VVG- (in the version applicable since January 1, 2008)]. However, if the "DTV-Güterversicherungsbedingungen 2000 in the version 2008 (DTV-Güter 2000/2008)" of the General Association of the German Insurance Industry is agreed, the insurer does not acquire any rights to the insured goods according to section 19.4 thereof.


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