Farewell Waltz (Strauss)

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Farewell Waltz is an abandoned waltz by Johann Strauss Sohn without an opus number. The work was performed for the first time on December 9, 1900 in the concert hall of the Wiener Musikverein .


The full title of the waltz is farewell waltz (in F) (posthumous waltz No. 1) . As you can see from this name, this is a work from the composer's estate. There are four estate waltzes in total. As far as they were finished, the scores were written by Strauss himself and are now in the Vienna City and State Library. It is not known who completed the scores. The first performance of the waltz was probably directed by Karl Komzák . Reports of audience response have not been received. The work disappeared soon afterwards in the archives, from where it was brought out again on the occasion of the Naxos CD recordings mentioned below of all Strauss works.

The playing time on the CD listed under individual records is 10 minutes and 21 seconds. Depending on the musical conception of the conductor, this time can vary by up to about a minute plus or minus.

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  1. Source: English version of the booklet (page 104) in the 52 CD complete edition of the orchestral works by Johann Strauss (son), published by Naxos (label) . The work can be heard as the ninth track on CD 39.

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