Achatinella casta

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Achatinella casta
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Achatinella casta

Order : Lung snails (pulmonata)
Subordination : Land snails (Stylommatophora)
Superfamily : Achatinelloidea
Family : Achatinellidae
Genre : Achatinella
Type : Achatinella casta
Scientific name
Achatinella casta
Newcomb , 1853
Distribution area of Achatinella casta

Achatinella casta is an extinct species of snail from the on the island of O'ahu endemic terrestrial snails genus Achatinella .


Achatinella casta achieved a case length of 16.5 mm and a case diameter of 8.25 mm. The robust case was conically elongated and polished to a shine. There were both right-hand and left-hand winding cases. The six round turns were edged at the top. The mouth was almost ovoid and quite small. The simple lip was thickened on the inside. The spindle was short with a strongly coiled brownish transverse lamella. The color of the case was either white or yellow with extremely different black, brown, pink or white transverse bands that were arranged in various ways.


The occurrence of Achatinella casta was limited to the region of the Waimalu-Waiau chain and the districts ʻEwa , Hālawa and Waipiʻo on the island of Oʻahu. The northern limit of the distribution area was the valley below the Mauna Rua.


The causes and timing of the extinction are unknown. The species has become known through the collections of Wesley Newcomb , Charles Montague Cooke and Irwin Spalding .


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