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Adduction, abduction and circumduction in the human body ( English labeling)

Adduction (from latin adducere , introduce ' ) is in the physiology of the pre-guiding of a body portion of the body or limbs axis. Thus those muscles are referred to as adductors which allow the longitudinal axis of a limb to be shifted to the plane of the longitudinal axis of the body.

Adductor injuries are common sports injuries .

Movement examples:

  • A splayed leg is pulled straight under the body.
  • A parked arm is pulled towards the body.
  • Spread toes are pulled together again.
  • Tightening the splayed thumb at hand

At the 3-axis ball joints such as the hip joint or shoulder joint , the main movement takes place around the sagittal = dorsoventral main axis.

In ophthalmology , adduction refers to the inward turning of the eyeball towards the nose due to a contracture of the rectus medialis muscle . If both eyes are adducted at the same time, this is called convergence .

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