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An after-work party is an open weekday social ( dance ) event held in some discos in the early evening. After-work parties are aimed at the target group of young employees and self-employed people in "modern" sectors such as consulting, advertising or media and thus suggest to all participants from other sectors to be modern and dynamic themselves. The party-goers' dress code is therefore usually casual business attire.


The term after-work-party came up around or after 2000 in the German-speaking area, the Duden first used the word in 2003. It is unknown in English , so it is a pseudo-Anglicism . The same applies to the after-show party (a celebration after an event, the "party after").

target group

There are few solid social ties in the target group, in particular hardly any family obligations after the working day. The evening is therefore mostly spent in public; on the other hand, a punctual appearance at work is expected in the morning. Since classic parties usually don't start until around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., after-work parties begin between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. For the discos, after-work parties offer an opportunity to use the rooms at a time when otherwise hardly an audience is expected.

Companies like to use after-work parties to strengthen the internal cohesion of the company or to be able to better use the synergetic effects of interdisciplinary communication and creativity , since employees from various specialist departments talk about their problems and tasks at social events even after work. In a relaxed atmosphere, solutions should be created that would not be possible with normal office work.

Some after-work parties and lounges also offer quiet places to relax. Another trend is towards a work-sport balance in order to combine office work with enough time and motivation for physical activity.

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