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Айвиексте, Awex / Ewst (German)
The Aiviekste

The Aiviekste

location Latvia
River system Daugava
Drain over Düna  → Baltic Sea
origin See Lubāns
56 ° 48 '59 "  N , 26 ° 54' 28"  O
muzzle at Pļaviņas in the Düna (Daugava) coordinates: 56 ° 36 '52 "  N , 25 ° 45' 30"  O 56 ° 36 '52 "  N , 25 ° 45' 30"  O

length 114 km
Catchment area 9300 km²
Drain HHQ 1.81 m³ / s
Right tributaries Pededze

The Aiviekste (German ewst or Awex ; Russian Айвиексте ) is a right tributary of the Daugava River in Latvia .

In terms of the area of ​​the catchment area, it is the largest tributary to the Daugava. The river has its source in Lake Luban , takes in the main waters of Eastern Latvia and forms the border between Vidzeme and Latgale . The confluence with the Daugava at Pļaviņas has been flooded since a hydroelectric power station was built.

In the catchment area there are many forests and extensive wetlands. In spring, the Aiviekste regularly overflows its banks and floods large parts of the flat marshland. In order to reduce the backflow into the Luban Lake, dams and canals were partly built. The largest tributaries are Pededze and Iča .


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