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The Hussein Mosque in Karbala 2005

Al-Arbaʿin , Arabic لأربعين al-arbaʿīn , DMG al-arbaʿīn  'forty' (genitive-accusative), very rarely also in the nominative al-Arbaʿūn, Arabic الأربعون al-arbaʿūn , DMG al-arbaʿūn , is the commemorative festival that is celebratedby the Imamite Shiites forty days after Ashura , the festival for the martyrdom of Hussein , a grandson of the prophet Mohammed .

Forty days is the usual time in Islam when the dead are remembered. It is recalled that martyrdom and self-sacrifice for Islam lead to paradise , deviating from the “right path” to “eternal damnation”.

In 2012, about 15 million believers visited the Imam Husain shrine in Karbala on the occasion of the holiday .

There are also often pilgrimages to Karbala and Najaf as well as Samarra .

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