Alpha privativum

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As Alpha privativum ( latin , beraubendes alpha ') is defined as in the word formation of the Greek language , the prefix ἀ- a- which expresses the absence, reversing or ineffectiveness of the signified or the underlying word answered in the negative then (as "Negationspräfix" also alpha negativum called ). In German , this function is often taken over by the prefix “un-” or the suffixes “-los” or “-leer”, also the words “nicht” or “ohne”. The word begins with a vowel , is the prefix usually ἀν- Toggle . In German, the alpha privativum appears in loan words such as A pathie or an omal and in neoplasms such as a social . Functional and historically loud it is identical to latin domestic (z. B. in active ), German un- (z. B. un active ) and Sanskrit अ- a- or अन्- Toggle , all on an equal important Indo-European prefix * n̥- be returned.


Greek literally meaning German word
ἄ-σφαλτος a-sphaltos not falling firmly asphalt
ἄ-συλος a-sylos not deprived for sure asylum
(also: ἀ-θεϊστής )
a-theos (see also: a-theïstés) without God
( atheist )
ἀν-όρεξις an-orexis without desire Loss of appetite anorexia
ἀ-λεθής a-lethés not hidden true Aletheia 
ἀ-τοπία a-topía no place Placelessness Atopy
ἀ-πορία a-poría without advice Perplexity Aporia
ἀν-αλγεινός an-algeinós not painful painless analgesic

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