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Two sustained release capsules morphine sulfate (5 mg and 10 mg)

An analgesic (plural analgesics ; ancient Greek ἄλγος álgos , German 'pain' with alpha privativum ; originally Latin remedium analgeticum ) or pain reliever is a substance that has a pain reliever ( analgesic ) effect. Ideally, it suppresses the sensation of pain without influencing consciousness , sensory perception and other important functions of the central nervous system or without suppressing the conduction of action potentials in afferent nerve fibers . Analgesics are mechanically differentiated from other substances used to eliminate pain, such as anesthetics and local anesthetics . They are a fundamental pillar of pain therapy . They are among the most frequently used drugs, but are also often taken uncontrollably and sometimes improperly . Anodyna is an outdated name for pain relievers .


Analgesics can be classified according to chemistry, site of action, duration of action, strength and spectrum of action, including the affected pain qualities. The division into opioids and non-opioids is usually used:

In 1986 , the WHO assigned painkillers to an escalating step-by-step plan for the treatment of persistent pain, which can be followed step by step as the pain increases and is now widely recognized.

Prominent examples of local anesthetics are lidocaine , cocaine, and ropivacaine .

Pharmacoepidemiological studies

Studies on the pharmacoepidemiology of analgesics were presented by the Robert Koch Institute .

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