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Antalkidas († after 366 BC) was a Spartan naval commander and statesman at the time of King Agesilaus II.

After the Persians under the Athenian Konon in the battle of Knidos in 394 BC. B.C. had won a decisive victory, Sparta tried to achieve a compromise with the Achaemenid Empire . Antalkidas negotiated in 392 BC. BC in vain with representatives of the great king Artaxerxes II , but Antalkidas at least received monetary payments that Sparta invested in building the fleet. 388 BC BC Antalkidas again made contact with Persian representatives in Asia Minor. This time he was more successful, especially since Artaxerxes was interested in a compromise with the Greeks due to internal unrest. The negotiations finally led to the so-called King's Peace , which was held in 387/386 BC. Ended the Corinthian War . The royal peace is considered the earliest example of a Koiné eiréne , a general peace , and is also called the Antalkidas peace after its mediator .

Antalkidas was one of the most important Spartan diplomats at this time, although he was at odds with King Agesilaus. He undertook 367/66 BC BC (possibly not until 361 BC) another trip to Persia, which was apparently unsuccessful. After the Spartan defeat in the Battle of Leuktra in 371 BC. BC it does not seem to have been received any more. Allegedly this is said to have driven Antalkidas to suicide.