Anton Leopold Herrmann

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Anton Leopold Herrmann (* 1819 ; † December 26, 1896 in Ujarad , German  Neuarad , Kingdom of Hungary , Austria-Hungary ) was a Romanian-German church musician and composer .


Herrmann worked as a teacher and cantor in Neuarad from 1845 until his death. A copy of the Banat Swabian song of Mary Marienblume (one of the flowers blooms) from around 1845 has survived, which is one of the oldest sources for this song. Copies of Johann Sebastian Bach's aria Mein belieiges Herze frohlocke from the Pentecost cantata and a work by Vincens Maschek penned by Herrmann attest to the performance of these works under his direction in Neuarad. In 1846 he compiled a songbook for a pilgrimage to Maria Radna. In Herrmann's own compositions, an offertorium for bass and orchestra, two Tantum ergo and a Laudate Dominum for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and orchestra have become known.

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