Working dog

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German shepherd as a guide dog for the blind.

A working dog is a dog that is regularly used for a specific task, such as a drug detection dog or guide dog . In a broader sense, this is the colloquial term for all dog breeds for which the intended use plays a major role in their breeding criteria. This is the case for many hunting dog breeds , for example .

The terms working dog and working dog are used in parallel depending on the view. In a definition of the working dog, which was presented at a judges' meeting of the FCI, it says: "The working dog is a productive working dog."

Working dogs within the meaning of the FCI are all dogs belonging to breeds for which a working trial is intended. This is recorded in the respective breed standard . There are various working tests such as the working dog test , rescue dog test and hunting test. For breeds for which a working trial is planned, this is a condition for the award of an International Beauty Championship .

Individual evidence

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