Arm swing

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Arm swinging of a male sparrowhawk
Wings and large arm covers of a curlew

The large feathers on the arm of the bird's wing are called arm wings ( Remiges secundarii ) . They are attached to the ulna and form the wing of the wing. The number of arm swings depends on the length of the ulna. This is extended for glider pilots . The number of arm swings ranges from six in the hummingbirds to 40 in the albatrosses . Passerine birds generally have nine, rarely ten arm wings.

Numbering is generally of the wrist (Carpalgelenk) inside, so (from the distal distal ) for proximal ( proximal ) area.

The inner three (in passerine birds ) or five (in Limikolen ) arm wings are usually shaped differently and lie over the folded bird's wing to protect it. They are also known as shield springs . The different shape and color can be clearly seen in the adjacent images. The humeral feathers lie towards the trunk of the arm wings .