Arnulf (Arnulfinger)

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Arnulf from the family of the Arnulfinger lat. Arnulfus (* around 695 , † 723 ) was duke in Neustria (before 715) and a son of Drogo and the Anstrudis , as well as a great-great-grandson of Arnulf von Metz and a nephew of Grimoald the Younger .

A document from 715/716 shows that Arnulf gave his inheritance from Bollendorf to the city of Echternach and that at that time he was already using the title of dux . He and his brothers Gottfried and Pippin were imprisoned by his half-uncle Karl Martell . Arnulf died while in captivity. But whether he was killed or died of natural causes is unclear. The burial site is unknown. Arnulf was not married and had no offspring.


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