Ulnar artery

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Radial artery
(left in picture),
Arteria ulnaris
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The ulnar artery (ulnar artery) is one of two major arteries which the forearm with blood supply. It is named after the ulna (ulna) forearm bone of the same name , the direction of which it follows, lying on the front of the forearm under the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle . Together with the ulnar vein and the ulnar nerve, it forms the ulnar vascular-nerve road. Finally, it forms the superficial palm arch .

The arteria ulnaris gives off the arteria recurrens ulnaris below the elbow , which runs back to the rete articulare cubiti (vascular network around the elbow), a little further down the arteria interossea communis .

With the Allen test , vascular changes in the ulnar artery and the resulting circulatory disorders can be detected.

Individual evidence

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