Asahifuji Seiya

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旭 富士 正 也
Asahifuji Seiya
Asahifuji Seiya Isegahama IMG 5621-3 20170304.jpg
Personal data
real name Suginomori Seiya
Born July 6, 1960
place of birth Tsugaru, Aomori Prefecture
size 1.89 m
Weight 143 kg
Heya Oshima
Career record 487-277-35 (makuuchi)
debut January 1981
Highest rank Yokozuna
Tournament victories 4 (makuuchi)
resignation January 1992

Asahifuji Seiya ( Japanese 旭 富士 正 也 ; * July 6, 1960 in Tsugaru , Aomori Prefecture as Suginomori Seiya ( 杉 野 森 正 也 )) is a former Japanese sumo wrestler . He was the 63rd yokozuna and is now a coach.

Asahifuji began his wrestling career relatively late. After dropping out of college, he didn't have his first official fight until 1981. In March 1982 he reached the juryo division and exactly one year later the makuuchi and thus the highest class. Here he initially fought with variable success. From 1987, his performance stabilized, so that Asahifuji finally rose to Ōzeki . This was followed by a tournament victory in January 1988 and a number of good to excellent results, which nevertheless could not move the Sumo Association to pronounce the promotion to yokozuna . The experience with the unsuccessful yokozuna Futahaguro , who was hastily elevated to this rank, certainly played a role here. It wasn't until 1990 that Asahifuji was finally promoted to yokozuna at the age of almost 31 after two more tournament victories. In his short tenure, he could only achieve one more tournament victory. In January 1992, he announced his retirement from active sport after his performance had recently declined considerably.

After his resignation, he became Ajigawa Oyakata and head of the stable of the same name. On November 30, 2007, he took over the Isegahama share in the sumo association and renamed his heya accordingly. His most famous pupils are Aminishiki , who received the Ajigawa share, and Yokozuna Harumafuji .

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