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As Assist [əsist] ( English ) refers to an action in various team sports , which does not itself directly to success, but this just prepared. German terms for this are something like “pass” or “template”, but assist means that the subsequent action also leads to success.

What counts as an assist is therefore determined differently for each respective sport:


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A template that is used by the ball receiver to score.


A pass that is used by the ball receiver directly to win the basket.

The number of assists per game ( assists per game / apg ) is an important statistical value in basketball for the assessment of players in the position of point guards (development players), as it allows a statement to be made about the serviceability of these players to the team.

Ice hockey, floorball

In ice hockey and floorball, an assist point is awarded to the two players who prepare a goal by passing play (or by accidentally deflecting the puck or floorball ball to the goal scorer). If no other player touched the puck or floorball ball, or if the opposing team had possession of the puck or the ball in between, only one player or no player at all can be awarded an assist. Goals and assists are treated equally in the point lists.

Fighter aviation

In addition to sport, assists are also sometimes counted in fighter aviation, but the regulations differ from country to country. During the Second World War , assists or participation in kills were generally not counted in the German Air Force . In the USAAF and later, in the Korean and Vietnam War , the US Air Force , participation in kills was counted as assists, and the pilot in question was then credited with half a kill. The number of kills was important for gaining Ace status and other awards and bonuses.

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