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The area around the touchdown point can be recognized by dark tire wear

In aviation, the touchdown point is the point at which the aircraft should touch down with the main landing gear on the runway when landing . Until the aircraft has touched down with the front wheels, a distance that varies depending on the type of aircraft is covered, with the exception of three-point landings .

Threshold crossing height

In a Instrumentenstandard- landing is landing threshold (50 at an altitude of about 15 meters ft ) overflown. The planes that approach with a 3 ° approach path - as is usual in scheduled aviation - normally only touch down on the runway approx. 280 m after the landing threshold , as these are sufficiently long.

For runways that are shorter than 1,200 m, the height is approx. 12 meters (40 ft.) So the pilot has a safety cushion when landing if he approaches too short or too far. If the approach was too short, the pilot would touch down in front of the runway when aiming for the landing threshold.

In contrast, extremely short runways can occur in general aviation , such as B. when approaching the airport Helgoland-Düne with a length of only 258 m. This requires a very precise touch down on the landing threshold so that the rest of the runway is sufficient for braking.


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