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speaker over 22,000
  • Creole languages
    • English-based
      • Atlantic
        • Suriname
Language codes
ISO 639 -1


ISO 639 -2


ISO 639-3


Ndyuka language (Okanisi) is one of the Ndyukas or Aukanern in Surinam spoken, the strong Saramaccan language , but less the Sranan Tongo similar creole based on the English based. It has over 22,000 speakers, including over 15,500 in Suriname.

Linguistic characteristics

Aukaans are significantly less African than Saramaccaans, z. B. it has lost the two phonemes kp and gb that the Saramaccaans still has, and is no longer tonal . The speakers of the Aukaan only fled into the jungle in a second wave, after the speakers of the Saramaccaan .


A poet well known in Suriname who writes in Aukaans is Louise Wondel .

Text samples

A be de wan diidewooko. Mi lon kibii, mi á wani go a goon.

"It was Wednesday. I was hiding because I didn't want to go to the field."

Wan Onti Toli

Den tu baala, wan mama meke dii pikin, tu baala anga wan sisa. Since the abi angii. Neen den o go a onti. Neen den tu baala go a onti, di den waka teee den go doo a pe wan gaan bigi siton de. A di den luku na a siton baka, neen den si wan bofoo, didon leti na a siton baka. Ne a gaan baala taki, di de anga a goni, ne a taki, en sa sutu a siton, boo go kii a bofoo. En sa sutu a siton da a kuguu boo a siton go kii a bofoo. [...]


Reference grammar:

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Individual evidence

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