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The reliability is the defined security against failure . It is usually increased through the use of redundancies .


In technology, fail-safety is achieved through organizational measures and technical redundancies - in increasing order:

  • Provision of a replacement component that is used in the event of a failure like an emergency generator in the event of a power failure .
  • Use of components that work in parallel to take on the additional load in the event of a fault. Example: multi-jet aircraft
  • Functional redundancy through various principles . Example: the simultaneous use of an electronic and a mechanical measuring device .

In computer technology, in addition to simple technical redundancies , computer clusters are used.

Additional terms

In extremely critical areas such. B. Transport is also referred to as high failure safety. The term high availability is used in computer technology. The carrier grade is an informal indication of the degree of reliability .

Resilience is part of reliability . It is differentiated from the probability of failure .

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