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The autosemantic (also autosemanticon or content word ) is a lexeme (basic unit of vocabulary) which, in contrast to a synsemantic, has a context- independent and independent lexical meaning. Even when mentioned in isolation, auto semantics allow conclusions to be drawn about what is being referred to.

Word meaning

The word autosemantic comes from the Greek αὐτός (autós) 'self' and σῆμα (sẽma) 'sign'.

Classification of the auto semantics

Parts of speech that can contain autosemantics are nouns , verbs , adjectives , adverbs . There are also elements in these that are synsemantics, e.g. B. auxiliary verbs. Articles , conjunctions , subjunctions and prepositions, on the other hand, are usually synsemantic. Erben also regards the pronouns as synsemantics.

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Individual evidence

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