Graubünden church history (book)

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Title page of the first volume
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The Bündner Kirchengeschichte is a popular scientific standard work on the church history of Graubünden .


The work was published in four volumes from 1982 to 1987 by the Evangelical Church Council of Graubünden , the executive branch of the Evangelical-Reformed Regional Church of Graubünden , on behalf of the Evangelical-Reformed Synod of the Canton of Graubünden in Verlag Bischofberger in Chur .

Originally intended as a teaching and learning material for religious education, the book has increasingly become a work on church history with a historiographical orientation and scientific claim. A large part of the comprehensive image material was made available by the Graubünden Monument Preservation .

The work is the subject of the examination in the subject of church history for all foreign candidates for parish ministry in the Reformed Bündnerkirche. In 2008, on behalf of the Graubünden Church Media Library, a teaching aid for religious and history lessons at Graubünden schools was published, which builds on the second and third volumes of the Graubünden church history.


Graubünden church history. Bischofberger, Chur 1982–1987.

  • Part 1: Peter Dalbert: From Rhaetian Paganism to the Reformation. 1982.
  • Part 2: Hans Berger: The Reformation. 1986 (PDF: 1 (PDF; 2.2 MB), 2 (PDF; 3.4 MB), 3 ; PDF; 2.0 MB).
  • Part 3: Albert Frigg: The Counter Reformation. 1986 (PDF: 1 (PDF; 2.1 MB), 2 (PDF; 4.1 MB), 3 ; PDF; 2.2 MB).
  • Part 4: Peter Niederstein: The last three centuries. Preservation and Transformation. 1987.

Teaching aids:

  • David Last, Karin Last: Religious disputes in the 16th and 17th centuries in Graubünden. Reformation - Reform of the Catholic Church - Bündner Wirren . Church media library Graubünden, Chur 2008 ( PDF ).

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