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Balisto is a sweet chocolate bar distributed by Mars Incorporated . Usually there are two, six or nine bars in a package , which together weigh 37 g, 111 g or 166.5 g. Balisto has been on the European market since 1981 .

Since summer 2011, the bar has been the first chocolate bar on the German market whose cocoa content is fully UTZ-certified .

Product variations

Four types of individual bars in different packaging

Balisto is produced in the following variations (as of 08/2016):

  • Balisto grain
  • Balisto Yoberry (yoghurt berry mix)
  • Balisto Muesli
  • Balisto honey-almond
  • Balisto White (yoghurt berry mix with white chocolate)

The two variations Balisto Honey-Almond and Balisto White are only occasionally offered as time-limited special editions in Germany.
In the past, the two flavors strawberry-yoghurt mix and speculoos were also offered at times . However, these are currently no longer available.

Ingredients and nutritional information of the muesli mix variant

A bar has the following ingredients (largest proportions by weight first): Sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, oat flakes, whole wheat flour, raisins, cocoa butter, wheat flour, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, lactose, hazelnuts, concentrated butter, desalinated whey powder, skimmed milk powder, soy milk yoghurt: Raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, flavor.

According to the manufacturer, a bar of Balisto Muesli Mix (18.5 g) has a calorific value of 394  kJ (94  kcal ) and contains 11.8 g of carbohydrates (1.2 KE; 1 BE), (of which 8.2 g is sugar), 1.4 g protein and 4.9 g fat.


Balisto contains 42% sugar and can therefore be classified as a normal sweet. Even if other bars often contain more sugar (e.g. Mars with almost 69%), this is in contrast to the original advertising, in which the bar was touted as healthy because it contained fiber . On the nutrition traffic light , which has been mandatory in Great Britain since 2004 , the information on fat and sugar on the packaging of Balisto bars is colored red, which indicates a high content.

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