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The Basler Lied is the anthem of the city of Basel .

The melody comes from Franz Wilhelm Abt (1819–1885) and the text was written in Basel German by Johann Peter Hebel (1760–1826). The melody was also used in the military march in Basel. The Basler Lied is also very popular at FC Basel games . For the latter purpose, the text has been partially changed ("Red-blue Eff-Cee-Bee, ...").

Z'Basel to mym Rhy


Z'Basel to mym Rhy,
Jo, dert mecht i sy!
Consecrates no air so mild and tepid
And the sky is so blue
|: To my love, to my love Rhy.: |


Uf of the Basler Pfalz
All Lytes like it.
O how change mountain and valley,
Land and water iberal
|: Before the Basler, before the Basler Pfalz! : |


Like a free sparrow
Uffem St. Peter's Square
I fly around and it'll be fine
As in the booth ,
|: Uffem Peters-, Uffem Petersplatz.: |


Uf the broad bridge
Fir si hi and z'ruck
Nai, what do I see, gentlemen,
Nai, what do I see Jumpfere goh,
|: Uf the Basler, uf the Basler Bruck! : |


Uf the griene Schantz
In the sunshine shine,
I have my mind and eye
Doesn't it laugh so sweetly?
|: To go Santi-, to go Santi-Hans. : |


Seiler's Redli jumps;
Come on, the bird is singing
Summervegeli young and happy
Draw the blue flower no,
|: Everything sings and, everything sings and jumps. : |


And e bravi woman
the outside lives au.
If I gave God a good cheer,
I take God in faithfulness
|: liebi Basler, liebi Basel woman. : |

Red-blue Eff-Cee-Bee


Z Basel at mym Ryy,
jo dert mecht y syy!
If the air is so mild and tepid,
and the sky is so blue
z Basel, z Basel, z Basel am mym Ryy
z Basel, z Basel, z Basel am mym Ryy


Red-blue is the color
play uff completely stargg
Run (Gägner) d Buude-ny
Shoot d Gool to the sucked Siig
red-blue, red-blue, red-blue is the color
red-blue, red-blue, red-blue is the color


The opponent is just gschoggt
when it rogs whole Joggeli
s'wärde d'Bei very lame and heavy
dr FCB welcomes eimol more
great Basel, great FCB
great Basel, great FCB

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