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Bottles with different batidas in Bahia

Batida is the Portuguese - Brazilian name for a group of alcoholic cocktails . The word is derived from the Portuguese “bater” (to strike). A batida always consists of cachaça (white sugar cane schnapps ), fruit juice or pulp, cane sugar and usually some water. Ice-cold, it serves as an aperitif , usually offered in large carafes in the entrance area of ​​a restaurant .

While in Europe mostly only the Batida de Côco , a coconut liqueur produced industrially by the cachaça manufacturer Mangaroca , is known, batidas are typically freshly prepared in Brazil.

Variants that are more common are

The mixture of pure, very strong cachaça, especially the Batida de Limão , was once known as Vacina de Pobre - vaccine for the poor.

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