Stump grinder

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Stump grinder with mobile protective wall and transport trailer

The stump grinder (also shortens tree cutter , in the northern German-speaking countries also stump grinder ) is a forestry work machine for removing tree stumps after tree felling and is mainly in horticulture and landscaping use.

Layout and function

A stump grinder usually has a hydraulic drive for the milling arm and milling disc. They are usually remotely controlled by cable or radio so that the operator can monitor the use of the device more closely or can move further away from the danger area. Tree stump grinders without their own drive are intended as attachments for tractors, wheel loaders or excavators. Small devices are uniaxial, have a rigid milling arm and are guided manually by the operator. They are only suitable for removing small wood stumps, but due to their size and weight they can be used in cramped conditions. The milling disk usually consists of a solid wear plate, provided with replaceable hard metal-coated milling teeth.

With the help of this device, the tree stumps are crushed into wood chips that can be left on site as mulch . It is no longer necessary to dig out the stumps.

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